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Welcome to the American Fishing Tour
Welcome to the American Fishing Tour


Chris Lynch Stays Consistent to Win

ATHENS, Ala. – Chris Lynch of Panama City, FL wins 2016 Ram Trucks American Fishing Tour National Champion with a three-day total of 54.75 pounds on Lake Eufaula Alabama.  He secured the victory with a 5-fish limit on the final day that weighed 17.58 pounds giving him 10-pound margin of victory over second place. 

“I wasn’t sure if my fish would hold up for three days but they did and it couldn’t have been better.  The wind, wow, it was brutal today and blowing like it was I knew it was going to be rough but I still made my run to the south end of the lake.  I was able to catch my fish and knowing how rough it was going to be, I left the area and gave myself 3 hours to get back.  I had these fish on a frog pattern and they stayed true all week.  The area I was in was somewhat protected from the wind, it was just getting to them today and getting back that had me worried.  I stayed in some grass areas all 3 days and tried my best to manage the fish and not catch too many each day. 

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Tidwell Bags 23.50 to Take the Lead

ATHENS, Ala. –Tony Tidwell of Horton, AL has a solid day landing 5 fish for 23.50 lbs to take the lead with a two-day total of 40.47 at of the AFT National Championship on Lake Eufaula Alabama. Tony is the North Alabama Division 29 Angler of the year and had big bass on day one of this championship.

“I struggled a lot more today.  At 11:30 I didn’t think I was going to catch a fish.  I had nothing but water in my live well. 5 min later caught my first keeper.  It wasn’t until 2 pm I caught my 2nd keeper.  One here and one there, no specific pattern.  I caught my last 3 with about an hour to go and had I not been in the last flight I know I wouldn’t have them.  I’m just blessed today.  

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Massachusetts Non-Boater Leads Day 1 with 20 Pounds

ATHENS, Ala. – Massachusetts Division 36 AOY Jeff Tibbits of Shrewsbury MA made a statement as a Non-Boater on Day 1 of the AFT National Championship on Lake Eufaula Alabama with a 5 fish limit that topped the  300 anglers at 20.01 lbs.

“I found these fish during practice with some of the guys I came down here with.  Luckily the fish I found were also where my boater ended up going today, and I was close enough to them to give it a try.  Something with the way I am fishing my bait is triggering the bites form the larger fish.  I had about 10 keepers today.  I was thinking I would have 10 lbs when we left out this morning but man was I surprised.”

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Anderson Wins on Neely Henry 

From Division 88, Alabama East/Central  Charles Anderson of Rocky Face, Georgia won the AFT D88 event held on Neely Henry on October 8th in Gadsden, Alabama. Charles caught 14.85 pounds to secure the win. He also landed the largest bass of the day with a 4.64 pound largemouth.

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Fishing the Ram Trucks American Fishing Tour Championship

Ram Truck American Fishing Tour directors not only run tournaments for the weekend anglers they are also great competitors.

We asked a few of them about their experiences at past championships, here is what they told us.

Tom Dupuis - Director of Division 6, Connecticut

I’m a twenty-year retired Air Force Senior Master Sergeant and I joined the ABA just after I retired back in 1987.  Since then I’ve had the opportunity to fish all across a good portion of the US with this being my 14th National Championship tournament and I look forward to them every year.  I look forward to seeing old friends again and of course with the hopes of again walking up the weight scales with a big sack of bass like I did at Pickwick Lake a few year ago.  Although I’ve never won one, I always hope this could be the one.

This time I’ve got two shots at a boat as I’m this year’s District 6 AOY, so you never know.

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Hughes Wins Stockton Lake Tournament

New American Bass Angler member, David Hughes won the 2017 season opener held October 8, 2016 on Stockton Lake. He brought in a five fish limit that weighed 11.70 pounds and won $500 plus $170 for his 4.02 pound Big Bass. 

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Ellis Wins on Lake DeGray

Mark Ellis of Malvern, Arkansas wins the first event for the 2017 AFT D47 season held on DeGray on October 1st. Mark topped the field with five fish for a total weight of 14.94 pounds. Mark fished a crankbait around main lake creek channels to catch his fish. He took home $579 for his first place finish.

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Lloyd Wins on Lake Congamond 

Sean Lloyd of Western, Massachusetts won the AFT D97 event held on October 2nd on Lake Congamond. Lloyd's five fish limit tipped the scales at 14.40 pounds. Anchored by the "Radfish Lures lunker", a 4.92 largemouth. Sean's fish were again fooled by a spinnerbait built by Eric Supinski of Underground Lures dubbed the "Double Wide" in a sexy shad pattern.

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LiT Coolers Partners with the American Bass Anglers

Athens, AL (September 30, 2016) – American Bass Anglers, Inc (ABA) announced today that LiT Coolers has signed a multi-year sponsorship agreement with American Bass Anglers, beginning October 1, 2016.

The partnership brings all the benefits of LiT Coolers and Tumblers to ABA members including:

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2016 Championship Information (Registration Now Open)

October Events (2017 Events)

Mississippi - Ross Barnett 10/15 Ross Barnett
Louisiana - Shreveport 10/15 Caddo Lake
Massachusetts - New England 10/16 Long Pond
DFW - Texas 10/22 Lake Grapevine
Georgia - West Point 10/23 West Point
Georgia North 10/29 Allatoona
Georgia - Eufaula 10/29 Lake Eufaula
Alabama North 10/29 Guntersville
Alabama Central 10/29 Jordan
Texas - Wichita Falls 10/29 Lake Possum Kingdom
Massachusetts - Western 10/30 Webster
New York North 10/30 Chaumont Bay

Top 50 Anglers (2016)

1 Robert Baty 3189
2 Paul Tony Tidwell 3175
3 Joseph Lynch 3165
4 Eric Nethery 3154
5 David Howell 3148
6 Scott Sarff 3136
7 Keith Bardolf 3130
8 Jeff Tibbetts 3117
9 Jason Reed 3114
10 Lindsey Page 3112
11 Mike York 3096
12 Clifton Prickett 3088
13 Scott Flournoy 3086
14 Chris Webb 3080
15 Wesley Rushing 3072
15 Donald Tripoli 3072
17 Mike Calloway 3066
18 Mike Wasden 3059
19 George Jeane Jr 3052
20 Creighton W Sawyer 3051
21 Dustin Wood 3048
22 Curtis Sanders 3046
23 Ken Draskovic 3038
24 Kenny Carroll 3035
24 James McLean 3035
26 Ken Greene 3034
27 Larry Jones 3020
28 Daniel Rose 3019
29 Rodney Cromer 3016
30 Michael Roush 3007
31 Kyle Brooks 3000
32 Gary Conner 2991
33 William Sheffield 2985
34 David Parsons 2977
35 Scott Holland 2968
36 Blake Wilson 2959
36 Cole Moore 2959
38 Robert Linton 2955
39 Sam Moody 2947
40 Bill Wasden 2946
41 Barry Woodward 2944
42 Luke Drown 2943
43 Clayton Shoupe 2942
44 John Main 2939
44 Gene Parker 2939
46 Jim Holsonback 2919
47 Joe Cable 2916
47 Bobby Davis Jr 2916
49 Allen Murray 2898
50 Mitchell Oldnettle 2885


American Bass Anglers, Inc - Hall of Fame

2002 - Joe McDaniels, Jim Holloway, Tommy Hibdon, Paul Tyler, Jim Foster 

2003 - Bob Medeiros, Pat McDaniels

2004 - George Miserendino, Gary Conner 

2005 - Lee Marshall, William Jasper, Jim Garner 

2006 - Bill Peeler, Toby Hicks, William Peele, Joe VanHooser

2007 - Dale Hart

2008 - Joe Angelone, Becky Minor

2009 - Barry Davis, Pat Vance

2010 - Deacon Collins, John Beckstrom, Craig Maxwell

2011 - Michael Tamburello, Dave Fox, Tom Storm

2012 - Bob Ogle, Bill Hall

2013 - Rick Tilson

2014 - Jerry Jeranka, Jack Leffingwell

2015 - Michael Garlen

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