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Welcome to the American Fishing Tour - Find Tournament Near You
Welcome to the American Fishing Tour


Toth Wins on Savannah River

Joe Toth of Richmondhill, Georgia is one step closer to the ABA National Championship with a first place win on the AFT D94 event held on July 30th on the Savannah River. Joe came in with a total weight of 9.67 pounds. Joe earned $294 for his first place win. 

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Luka Wins D10 Divisional Championship

Mike Luka of East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvannia won the D10 Championship held on Hopatcong and Greenwood lakes, August 20th and 21st. Luka’s weight for both days came in at 27.86 pounds. For the victory Mike collected a check for $812. He also collected an additional $140 for the Big Bass of the event weighing 4.98 pounds. Luka was pitching soft plastics to docks.

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Theis Wins on Tar River

Jason Theis of Hubert, North Carolina took the win for the AFT D15 event held on August 13th on Tar River. Jason caught five bass weighing 12.35 pounds. Jason took home a check for $432 for first place. Bass Boat Instant Shine for Capt. Gary’s, and $84 for the TWT 1st place, all totaling $516.

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New “Big Bass” Record for AFT D44 

During an AFT D44 event on Lake Waconia located in the west metro area of the Twin Cities in early August, Bob Schill of Ramsey, Minnesota caught, weighted, and released a record breaking largemouth weighing 6.91 pounds.

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James Takes Win at D39 Championship

Scott James of Wilmington, Illinois won the AFT D39 two day Divisional Championship held on Mississippi Pool 13 on August 20th and 21st. High water, fast current, and muddy water slowed a normally great bass catching river, but the conditions didn't slow Scott who caught three fish each day with a total weight of 13.25 pounds.

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Lake Wins on Greenwood

Andy Lake of Batesburg, South Carolina won the AFT  South Carolina D96 1-day qualifier event for the 2017 season held August 21, 2016 on Lake Greenwood running out of Greenwood State Park near Ninety Six, South Carolina. Andy caught four fish weighing 7.90 pounds. He fished the upper part of the lake and caught his fish on soft plastic worms by flipping docks in 3 to 5 feet of water. Andy took home $825 for first place and first place option.

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Guilbeau Takes Win on Clarks Hill

Mike Guilbeau of Evans, Georgia took first place for the AFT D26 event held on August 14th on Clarks Hill. Mike was fishing the middle of Savannah River area. He caught five fish weighing 11.81 pounds. He also had the Big Fish weighing 4.13 pounds.

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Simonof Wins on Arkansas River/Pine Bluff Pool

John Simonof of Jacksonville, Arkansas wins the final 1-day qualifying event of the AFT D42 held on August 13th on the Arkansas River/Pine Bluff Pool. John topped the field with three fish for a total weight of 7.08 pounds. He threw a 3/8 oz homemade jig poured on an Owner hook on a GTS C736-1 Temple Fork Outfitter rod, Lew’s reel and 20 lb Hi-Seas Quattro Fluorocarbon line to catch his fish.

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Vitale Takes Win on Greenwood Lake

Art Vitale of Kenilworth, New Jersey won the AFT New Jersey D10 event held on August 13th at Greenwood Lake. Art caught five bass weighing 12.48 pounds with a 3.08 -pound kicker Smallmouth. He caught most of his fish using soft plastic in deep weeds, Drop Shotting. For the victory, Vitale took home a check for $406.

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Gagliarducci Wins 2-day on Lake Champlain

Al Gagliarducci of West Suffield, Connecticut won the AFT D97 2-day Divisional Championship held August 13th and 14th on Lake Champlain in Port Henry, New York. Al decided early on to take the long ride to the Ticonderoga area and it paid off with a 2-day limit of largemouths weighing 32.76 pounds. Big Fish also went to Al for bringing in a 5.62-pound largemouth on Day-2 beating the mark he set on day one when he brought in one weighing 4.74 pounds. For his win, Al took home a check for $752 as well as the title of Division 97 AOY.

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2016 Championship Information (Registration Now Open)

September Events

Georgia East 9/10/2016 Clarks Hill
Kentucky Central 9/10/2016 Kentucky Lake
Georgia - Blackshear 9/10/2016 Blackshear
New Mexico 9/10/2016 Ute
South Carolina - Savannah 9/10/2016 Savannah River
Arkansas River 9/10/2016 Dardanelle
Illinois Mississippi River 9/10/2016 Pool 13
Kansas South 9/10/2016 Eldorado
Oklahoma East 9/10/2016 Ft. Gibson
Minnesota 9/17/2016 Whitebear/Big Marine
Virginia 9/17/2016 Chickahominy River
Louisiana - Shreveport 9/17/2016 Red River Pool 5
Ohio - Central 9/17/2016 Delaware Reservoir
Oklahoma East 9/17/2016 Ft. Gibson

Top 50 Anglers

1 Dustin Wood 1198
2 Barry Stokes 1196
3 Phillip Anderson 1194
3 Robert Baty 1194
5 Michael Roselle 1193
6 George Jeane Jr 1192
6 Clayton Shoupe 1192
8 David Lowery 1188
8 David Howell 1188
10 Paul Tony Tidwell 1185
11 Cole Moore 1184
12 Tyler Purcell 1183
12 Carl Hayes 1183
12 Scott Randall 1183
15 Mike York 1181
15 Randy Heath 1181
17 Ben Wickham 1180
18 Bobby Clark 1178
18 Chris Lyons 1178
20 Donald Kneece 1175
20 William Sheffield 1175
20 Michael Sims 1175
23 Jeffrey Davis 1174
23 Gene Parker 1174
23 Matt Mollohan 1174
23 Eric Nethery 1174
27 Doug Weissinger 1173
27 Rayburn Cloud 1173
27 Larry Laney 1173
27 Allen Murray 1173
27 Sheron Brown 1173
32 Donnie Boudreaux 1172
32 Robert Ogle 1172
32 Marvin Major Jr 1172
32 Jeff Tibbetts 1172
36 Mark Crispin 1171
36 Eric Reidinger 1171
36 David Andrews 1171
36 Lee Williams 1171
36 Albert Pallavicini 1171
41 Tom Bateman 1170
41 Thomas Svec 1170
41 Glenn Goodson 1170
41 Lance Eckford 1170
41 Dave Wild 1170
41 Scott James 1170
47 Paul Leblanc 1168
47 Patrick Clark 1168
47 William Dowden 1168
47 Ken Draskovic 1168


American Bass Anglers, Inc - Hall of Fame

2002 - Joe McDaniels, Jim Holloway, Tommy Hibdon, Paul Tyler, Jim Foster 

2003 - Bob Medeiros, Pat McDaniels

2004 - George Miserendino, Gary Conner 

2005 - Lee Marshall, William Jasper, Jim Garner 

2006 - Bill Peeler, Toby Hicks, William Peele, Joe VanHooser

2007 - Dale Hart

2008 - Joe Angelone, Becky Minor

2009 - Barry Davis, Pat Vance

2010 - Deacon Collins, John Beckstrom, Craig Maxwell

2011 - Michael Tamburello, Dave Fox, Tom Storm

2012 - Bob Ogle, Bill Hall

2013 - Rick Tilson

2014 - Jerry Jeranka, Jack Leffingwell

2015 - Michael Garlen

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