American Fishing Tour Division 5 - 2018 Schedules

Massachusetts - New England - 5

Director: Daniel Rose
Phone: 508-951-6512

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All waters are OFF LIMITS, Thursday thru Saturday preceding each scheduled event.
Entry Fees: Divisional One Day: $70
Divisional Championship: $140
National Championship: $170

2018 Schedules Posted as they come available

Dates/Results Lake Launch Ramp Register
Wequaquet Lake Town Ramp
Long Pond State Ramp
South Watuppa State Ramp
Long Pond, Harwich Town Ramp
Wequaquet Lake Town Ramp
Mashpee-Wakeby State Ramp
Long Pond, Lakeville State Ramp
Mashpee-Wakeby, Long Pond, Lakeville State Ramp
Division News
2018 Schedule
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Divisional News

Dan Rose Wins Division 5 Championship

Dan Rose of Raynham, MA won the year-end Division 5 Two-Day Championship.  Running out of the State Ramp on Mashpee/Wakeby Pond near Mashpee, MA Dan brought back 4-fish that locked in the scales at 7.72-lbs.  He anchored his Day-One catch with a nice 5.79-lb largemouth.  On Day-Two the field launched from the State Ramp in South Watuppa Pond near Fall River, MA and Dan brought in limit of fish that locked in the scales at 11.37-lbs anchored with a 4.33 kicker.  Dan’s two-day total weight was 19.09-lbs sealing his victory and that gave him enough points to lock in the title of Division 5 Angler of the Year.  He also claimed big bass honors for both days.

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Dan Gonsalves wins at Long Pond

Air temps were in the low 50s when the anglers registered for the tournament at Long Pond, Freetown, MA on Sunday, June 3rd, 2018. I guess Mother Nature doesn't realize it's late Spring and we do need warmer temps to make it through the tournament year. However, it did make it to the upper 50s and the water temps were in the middle 60s. All reports indicated the bite was off, the spawn was over and judging from the weights, it was a slow & frustrating day for most of the competing anglers.

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Dan Rose wins at Long Pond

ABA AFT Division 5 held a tournament on Sunday, May 20, 2018 at Long Pond, Harwich, MA. It was cloudy, windy and raining when the anglers showed up for registration. The north wind was blowing at 10-20 mph and remained steady until late mid-morning. According to most, the bite was an early one and seemed to turn off when the sun broke through the clouds and the wind shifted to the SSW. One would think the opposite pattern should have taken place. Nevertheless, we had some beautiful smallmouth & largemouth weighed in for a total of 44 fish weighed in with a combined weight of 75.08 lbs. for an average weight per fish of 1.71 lbs.

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Billy Barrett wins at Mashpee/Wakeby

A full field of anglers ventured out on Sunday, May 6, 2018 on Mashpee/Wakeby Pond, Mashpee, MA. Cool air temps greeted all at registration but as the sun rose, air temps went to the mid 60s and bright sunny skies and a SSE wind at 10-15 mph was the order for most of the day. However, the mid afternoon skies darkened, the wind shifted to the north and the rain showers dominated the weigh in.

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Billy Roe Takes the win on Wequaquet Lake

On a bright sunny day, ABA AFT Division 5 ventured out on Wequaquet Lake, Centerville, MA on Sunday, April 22, 2018. At registration, the air temps were in the high 30s and when the sun came up, they rose to the mid 50s. The winds were from the NW at 5-10 mph & the water temps were in the high 40s and topped out at 50 degrees, as the day wore on.

Now, one may think with these conditions, the bass would be in feeding mode but, to the contrary, the opposite was in effect. Because this lake is super clear, most anglers said they could see the bass and the bass were very spooky and took off at the angler’s slightest movement. 

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William Wright Jr. wins at South Watuppa Pond

On a cold & blustery windy day, ABA Division 5 fished So. Watuppa Pond, Fall River, MA. When the anglers arrived for registration, air temps were in the low 30s w/water temps in the low 40s, w/a NW wind at 15-20 mph. Not a pleasant day, but the northeast angler is resilient and made adjustments. However, the bright sunny skies made conditions somewhat bearable.

At the weigh in, 18 fish were weighed in w/a combined weight of 34.39 lbs for an average weight per fish of 1.92 lbs. and all fish were released alive.

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George Smith Takes the win on Mashpee Wakeby Pond

On Sunday, November 5, 2017, George Smith of Bourne, MA won the AFT Division 5 event held at Mashpee/Wakeby Pond, Mashpee, MA. It was a cold, cloudy and windy day with a brisk Northwest wind at 10- 20 mph. These conditions made for a tough bite and only one 5 fish limit was brought to the scales. George was the angler who did that and his limit weighed in at 11.29 lbs. George caught his fish in a grass covered isolated flat and used a floating Senko when the wind was slack. However, when the wind picked up, he'd cast a weighed tube bait, into that same flat, and that was the pattern that enticed the bass to eat. When the scales were closed, George was declared the Champion of this event.

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Eli Delany Wins at Long Pond

Elias Delany of Chestnut Hill, MA won the September 10th AFT D5 event held on Long Pond. Elias won with a total weight of 16.02 pounds anchored by the big bass of the day weighing 4.15 pounds.

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Louie Bernardo Captured the Division 5 Championship

On Day 1, we fished Mashpee-Wakeby Pond near Mashpee, MA and Louie Bernardo of Taunton, MA weighed in a 5 fish limit at 17.59 lbs. anchored by a 4.22 lbs. largemouth bass.
He caught his fish in 10-15 feet of water using top water baits & jigs.

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Louie Bernardo wins on Long Pond

On a bright and hot day, Louie came out smoking and won the last one-day of the year for division 5. He culled out 3 limits and upgraded his 5 fish limit to 12.93 lbs. anchored by a 4.06 largemouth bass. Our congrats go out to the Champion Louie Bernardo.  Louie caught all of his fish on a Yamamoto black 4" cut tail worm, in rock piles, in 4-6 feet of water. 

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Jim Coleman wins at Mashpee/Wakeby

On Sunday, June 11, 2017 ABA AFT Division 5 ventured out on Mashpee/Wakeby Pond near Mashpee, MA. We had air temps in the mid 80s, with a mild SSW wind and Sunny skies. The spawn was about over but some some stragglers were protecting their nests.

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Dan Rose Wins at Wequaquet Lake

On Sunday, May 28, 2017, ABA AFT Division 5 held a tournament at Wequaquet Lake, Centerville, MA.

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George Smith Wins at Long Pond

George Smith of Bourne, MA took the win for the AFT D5 event on May 7th, held on Long Pond. 

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Burchill Takes Win on South Watuppa

Joe Burchill of Upton, MA took first place in the first event for AFT D5, held on April 23rd going out of South Watuppa Pond. 

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Smith Wins at Wequaquet Lake

George Smith of Bourne, Massachusetts captured the trophy as the "King for the Day" with his limit weighing 13.38 pounds for the AFT D5 event held on September 18th on Wequaquet Lake. He scored his win on jigs & tube baits, in the grass, and culled out just one fish, proving that it was a tough bite. Our congrats goes out to "GPS" for being crowned the Champion.

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Cam Wins Championshiop for D5

Cam Smith of Mashpee, Massachusetts won the AFT D5 divisional championship. What a year he's had with 3 one-day wins, and to top it off he wins the 2-day divisional championship. He weighed in ten fish for the 2-day with a total weight of 20.61 pounds. He also had the big bass for both days. Our congrats go out to a true champion, and I know he'll remember it for years to come. He caught his fish at South Watuppa on day 1 using top water baits & crank baits. On day 2, at Long Pond, he changed up & scored on spinner baits & Senkos. He has day 1 big bass weighing 3.53 pounds and a weight of 4.38 pounds on day 2.

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Leblanc Captures Win on South Watuppa Pond

Paul Leblanc of Medway, Massachusetts captured the win for the AFT D5 July 10th event on South Watuppa. Paul put in a strong pattern of crank baits, jigs & finesse baits to pull it off against some fierce competition and surged ahead with a 13.70 pound limit anchored by a 3.40-pound largemouth bass. Paul approached the scales feeling confident that he may have the winning bag and drew the well deserved applause from his competition as the scale displayed the winning bag total weight.

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Cameron Smith Takes First Place

On a beautiful summer day at Long Pond, Freetown, MA Cameron "The California Kid" Smith of Mashpee, MA won back to back tournaments and also had big bass again. He's on a roll and puts up some good numbers in spite of the stiff competition. 

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Cam "The California Kid" wins at Mashpee/Wakeby

On Sunday, May 29, 2016, we held our 3rd spring tournament at Mashpee/Wakeby Pond, Mashpee, MA. Under blue bird skies, warm air temps, variable SSW winds, and spawning fish the fish were quite active

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AOY Cameron "The California Kid" Smith Wins at Long Pond

Faced with an air temperature of 37 degrees at registration and warming to 47 degrees by mid afternoon with a lingering cold front and showery conditions, Cameron put his shallow pattern together and was determined to overcome any obstacle that came his way.

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Dan Taylor Wins on Wequaquet Lake

The Ram American Fishing Tour D5 held its first spring tournament of the season at Wequaquet Lake on Sunday, April 10, 2016. It was 34 degrees at registration & warmed up to a brisk 53 degrees at weigh in. The winds were 10-15 mph from the SSW, contributing to a slow bite as the water temperature was 46 degrees.

When it was all said and done, Dan Taylor bested the field with a limit of 11.35 pounds, catching the big bass of the day at 4.04 pounds.Dan caught his fish on a green pumpkin veracity jig in six to twelve feet of water.

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Smith Wins at Long Pond

With an East wind, George Smith of Bourne, MA bested all of the anglers at Long Pond with a 13.43 pound limit and 3.95 kicker smallmouth bass on October 11, 2015. His pattern was to fish a custom tube bait in 16 feet of water. He also fished a rattle trap in 5-6 feet of water off points. He culled out one fish and settled for what the conditions would bring him.

1st Place: George Smith - 5 fish - 13.43 lbs.
2nd place: Mike Bednarski - 3 - fish 9.11 lbs.
3rd place: Nick Ambrosini - 3 fish - 8.86 lbs.
4th place: Dan Rose - 3 fish - 7.55 lbs.
5th place: Tab Brown - 3 fish - 7.11 lbs.

Big Bass - Mike Bednarski - 4.49 pound largemouth.


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Sheron Browwn Captures Division 5 Divisional Championship

Sheron Browwn of Shirley, MA captured the Division 5 Two-Day Divisional Championship on August 1-2, 2015  at Bartons's Cove on the Connecticut River in Gill, MA. Trailing by five plus pounds with 9.63 lbs., after Day One, he stayed focused and weighed in 9.40 pounds on Day Two & ended up with 19.03 pounds to seal the win. This was Sheron's first ever win on the ABA AFT tour. He took home a check for $864.00
Sheron targeted fish in the 8-14 feet of water w ith Veracity jigs, 1/2 oz. root beer tubes, and a green pumpkin power worm.
Coming in second place, was Dan Taylor with 18.73 pounds and he captured the Big Bass weighing 5.37 pounds.

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"California Kid" Does it Again

What can I say that hasn't been said in the past? Cameron Smith of Mashpee, MA  won his third one-day tournament of the year and and has been on a roll all tournament year.

He weighed in a limit at 12.89 lbs. with a  kicker fish at 3.98 lbs. He had his limit at 7:45 AM, culled out five times and caught his fish on top water baits and worms. We salute Cam again for being declared the CHAMPION!

We had a total of 81 fish weighed in with a  combined weight of 191.97 lbs for an average weight per fish of 2.37 lbs.

Our weather conditions were hot in the 80's with a mild SSW wind at 15 mph. This seemed to turn the fish onto a feeding mode with 16 limits being brought to the scales, many fish in the 2-4 lb. range were weighed it.

The top five anglers were:
1st place - Cameron Smith - 5 fish - 12.89 lbs.
2nd place - Pat Chapin - 5 fish - 11.51 lbs.
3rd place - Roger Pratt - 5 fish - 11.33 lbs.
4th place - George Mitchell Jr. - 5 fish - 11.04 lbs.
5th place - Paul Leblanc - 5 fish - 10.77 lbs.

Our next event is our two-day Division Championship and will be held on August 1st & 2nd, 2015 at a destination to be yet determined.

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DeSousa Takes Win at Long Pond

Joe DeSousa of Taunton, MA won the AFT Division 5 tournament at Long Pond, Freetown on Sunday, June 7, 2015.

Conditions: Mild air temps at 70 degrees with mild SSW winds at 10 mph and sunny skies.

Joe Caught his first fish at midday, then his limit, culled once, and sealed the win with the big bass of the day weighing 4.61 pounds. He caught his limit of 13.69 pounds with a shad colored Chatterbait and a Lead Free 3/8 oounce crayfish colored jig  with a Yum trailer in three feet of water on a rocky shoreline covered with grass. For the win, Joe received a total of $715.00.

In second place was Elias Delany with a limit of 12.18 pounds and a 4.24 pound kicker fish. Third place was secured by George Smith with 11.00 pounds. Fourth place was Cameron Smith with 10.81 pounds. Fifth place was non-boater Vernon Santos with 7.30 pounds.

Our next tournament will be held on South Watuppa Pond; Fall River, MA on Sunday July 5th, 2015

For more info call ABA AFT Division 5 Director, Bob Medeiros at (508) 477-2991.

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George Smith Wins at Mashpee/Wakeby Pond

On May 24, 2015, GEORGE SMITH of Bourne, MA  wins at Mashpee/Wakeby Pond!

On a bright sunny & windy day, George Smith did his thing & weighed in a limit of fish weighing 16.17 lbs.  He fished his pattern hard, had his limit by 9:30 AM. culled out 3 fish & for the rest of the day, stayed 
the course looking for a bigger kicker fish. Congrats George for being the CHAMPION at this event.

George caught his fish drop shotting a 4" amber finesse worm  & also on a green pumpkin tube bait. He caught his fish off beds, in 5 feet of water.

We had just 6 limits weighed in of the total 52 bass weighed  in with a combined weight of 193.97 lbs. for an average weight  per fish of 3.73 lbs. Bill wright Jr. weighed in the big largemouth at 4.03 lbs.

The top five places are as follows:
1. George Smith - 5 fish - 16.17 lbs.
2. Billy Barrett - 5 fish - 15.46 lbs.
3. Louie Bernardo - 5 fish - 14.35 lbs,.
4. Bill Wright Jr. - 5 fish - 13.01 lbs.
5. Dan Taylor - 5 fish - 12.61 lbs.

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Tom Weber Wins at Long Pond

After 16 years of competing on the ABA AFT trail, Tom Weber nailed down his first ever Division 5 win. He weighed in a limit of fish weighing 12.41 pounds anchored by the big fish of the day weighing 5.39 pounds. For his win he pocketed $795.

Tom caught his fish on a KVD 2.5 square bill crankbait, but he caught his big fish on a 1/2 ounce Peanut Butter & Jelly Veracity jig with a Block Buster trailer.

After a long and cold winter, water temperatures were still in the low 50's, coupled with a NNE wind at 10-15 mph made for a tough bite. Only 7 limits came to the scales and 12 anglers did not weigh fish.

Top five winners:

1. Tom Webber -12.41 lbs

2. Dan Taylor - 12.34 lbs

3. Cameron Smith - 11.38 lbs

4. Deron Nicholas - 8.13 lbs

5. Joe DeSousa - 8.09 lbs


Our next tournament will be at Mashpee/Wakeby Pond; Mashpee, MA on Sunday, May 24, 2015. For more information call Bob Medeiros at (508) 477-2991.

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Cam "The California Kid" Smith Wins at Wequaquet Lake


Athens, Al - Cameron Smith won the American Fishing Tour Massachusetts - New England division 5 tournament with three fish weighing 11.69 pounds held on Wequaquet Lake on 04/12/2015.

The weather was 41 degrees at registration but increased to 62 degrees at the weigh in.

We had bluebird skies, brisk winds at SSW that switched to SSE at 15-20 mph. That change made for a difficult bite for 16 anglers that did not weigh in a fish. 
We had 24 competitors that brought just 17 fish to the scales by just 8 anglers. The combined weight was 35.06 pounds that averaged out to 2.06 pounds per bass.


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