Name:Chris Sanders
Big Bass: 3.20
Hometown:Stockbridge ,GA
Biggest String: 9.97
Competition Team:N
Home Division:99
National Place: 717
Total Points 765
Total Payout: $0

PL Date Lake Total Points Payout
5 09/30/2017 West Point 9.97 196 $0
9 04/28/2018 Jackson 8.82 192 $0
7 03/18/2018 West Point 5.68 191 $0
7 11/12/2017 West Point 6.34 186 $0
15 04/14/2018 West Point 5.53 186 $0
24 03/24/2018 Sinclair 7.69 177 $0


PL Div Date Lake Total Points Payout
5 99 09/30/2017 West Point 9.97 196 $0
9 72 04/28/2018 Jackson 8.82 192 $0
7 99 03/18/2018 West Point 5.68 191 $0
7 99 11/12/2017 West Point 6.34 186 $0
15 99 04/14/2018 West Point 5.53 186 $0
24 72 03/24/2018 Sinclair 7.69 177 $0
            Total  $0





5 09/30/2017 9.97 196 0
9 04/28/2018 8.82 192 0
7 03/18/2018 5.68 191 0
7 11/12/2017 6.34 186 0
15 04/14/2018 5.53 186 0
24 03/24/2018 7.69 177 0

What Truck, Boat and Outboard does Chris run?

2015 Triton 20 Trx, Mercury 250 ProXs and 2013 Ford F150 FX4

My Sponsors

Fx Custom Rods (

Marine Repair (706-484-4774)

AutoTek in Stockbridge,Ga ((770) 474-4636)



What Chris does for a living:

Electrical Engineering Project Manager for CEC Controls Company in Atlanta,Ga.

What you should know about Chris:

I've been married for 24 years to my wonderful wife Charlotte. She has always supported me in my fishing and some would say my largest sponsor, LOL.

How Chris started fishing

I started bass fishing with my uncle on Logan Martin Lake in Alabama when i was 8 years old. My tournament fishing didn't start until I was 22 years old when I lived in Louisville Kentucky. I then joined a bass club called "Three Rivers Bass Club" out of Carollton,Ky and joined the Kentucky Bass Federation.

Aspirations or goals with fishing

To win the Ram National Championship and qualify for the Bassmaster Classic.

Favorite way to fish

My favorite way to fish has to be spring time top water just as those big females get aggressive. This can be some of the most exciting explosions on top you've ever seen.

Most exciting fishing experience

By far the most exciting fishing experience i've ever had has to be this past year when I tried out Alaska Coho Salmon fishing. You can't imagine catching 50 or more 10 to 15 pounders everyday on bass tackle.

How Chris prep for a tournament

I start by gathering all the information I can about the lake, weather conditions and past/present tournament history. I also make sure to check all of my gear, re-line rods, check my reels and charge my batteries.

Three favorite search baits

WarEagle SpinnerBait

Livingston Crankbait

Carolina Rig

Best tournament finish and what you did that day when you were fishing.

Let's see,my best tournament finish was Winning the 2014 ABA Weekend Series Georgia Divisional Championship on Lake Eufaula out of Lakepoint Marina. After two days of brutal practice trying to find fish shallow and watching the wieghts being weighed in for the couples series I decided on Friday night to fish deep for the first day of the tournament. I had found a rock pile years ago on a hump that held fish, most of the time the fish were large spots but for this tournament the large mouth were there. I used a 3/16oz Shaky Head tipped with a Zoom GreenPumpkin Trick Worm and litterally dead sticked the bait. After 15 to 20 seconds you'd start to slightly move the bait and BAM you get that thump. I did this for two days and ended the tourney with a little over 27Lbs.

Most challenging part of tournament fishing

This has to be the changing conditions and having to make on the water decisions to stay competitive.

When tournaments don't go my way

I mainly perform a self evaulation. Did I practice hard enough, did I do enough research and how was my on the water performance. If I see any deficiencies in one of these areas I address it for the next tournament.

Advice to give to an aspiring tournament angler:

Stay versitale with techniques, don't be afraid to try something new.

Some shared general bass fishing techniques for people just getting into the sport

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