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Becoming an ABA Ram American Fishing Tour Director

If you are interested in becoming a director for ABA, here is some basic information on being a director and running an efficient division. You can also obtain information about the tour along with the format at: This Link

What is the criteria on becoming an ABA director?

  • Be a current member of American Bass Anglers
  • Have strong leadership skills and be sure to follow the ABA Director’s guidelines
  • Promote the Series, ABA and our national sponsors as well as any local sponsors you might have
  • Be organized both pre and post events
  • Provide pre and post tournament information
  • Run a very well organized event
  • Work with our support team both pre and post your events
  • We have a support team here to help you along the way and provide step by step instructions on running the events. The main reason for this consistency.
  • Director's Aggreement:   Directors are required to sign an agreement outlining responsibilities, non-competition requirements, and non-disclosure information.

About the Ram American Fishing Tour

Division:  Each division will have a minimum of six (6) tournaments (5 one-day events and 1 two-day event) taking place after January 1st of the tournament year.  Divisions may elect to have additional events and "early bird" events in the fall of each year.

Divisional Schedules:  Each director will be responsible for establishing their schedule along with confirming ramps and lakes as set forth in this handbook. Directors should research the lake sites and establish tournaments on those lakes that they feel will draw the largest field. Consideration should also be given to the location of the lakes in relative terms to the divisions boundaries.  Another consideration should be given to the time of year.  Many teams do not like to fish at the beginning of the calendar year when the temperatures are normally colder and more unpredictable.  Boundaries for a division should not exceed 150 miles from the extreme ends.  This is an example and by no means constitutes a requirement. Once lakes have been selected, the schedule will be forwarded to headquarters for discussion and final approval. Schedules need to be submitted to headquarters no later than August 30th of each calendar year for the subsequent tournament season. Upon publication of the schedule, there will be no changes permitted without prior approval from headquarters with the exception of adverse weather conditions. Headquarters will create a divisional PDF flier available for download. If local fliers are created, or a local web site created and maintained, they cannot list any sponsors who compete with American Bass Anglers or American Fishing Tour national sponsors.  If a sponsor is in question, please contact headquarters for approval prior to adding them to a locally created flier or web site.

Director's Authority: The divisional directors will act as an extension of American Bass Anglers, Inc. and have the authority to make final decisions with regards to the operation and control of their tournaments. Directors will always conduct themselves in a professional manner and enforce all tournament rules fairly. THERE WILL BE NO DEVIATION FROM THE RULES. Each and every event will require:

  • Safety briefing must be conducted at each and every event
  • Once the safety briefing starts, no team may be allowed to enter the event
  • You must be the last team out to insure all safety checks have been conducted and teams released on time
  • You must be the first team back to insure weigh-in area is ready for fish and to verify all teams made it back in on time or assess the appropriate time penalties
  • Police the area prior to departing the lake to include proper disposal of any dead fish

Equipment: Headquarters will provide basic equipment for the successful and efficient operation of divisional tournaments. Directors will be asked to sign for equipment and attest to its condition. It is the responsibility of each director to insure all equipment issued by American Bass Anglers, Inc., is maintained and operational. In the event a defect appears as a result of normal wear and tear, contact headquarters immediately for replacement or repair. Equipment will include, but not limited to:

  • Scales (deposit required before being shipped. Deposits are refundable upon successful return of equipment to ABA Headquarters.)
  • Banners (as determined by ABA)
  • Weigh bags
  • Forms (hard copy can be supplied. They will also be available on-line for director download)
  • On-line access (requires coordination with headquarters to establish)
  • Director’s handbook (this document which is proprietary and cannot be reproduced with prior approval from headquarters)
  • Divisional Fliers (PDF download)

Advertisement:  Getting the word out within the surrounding divisions’ area is the key to the success of the trail.  Although the schedules will be posted on the American Bass Anglers web sites, as a division director, you are responsible for the distribution of tournament information within your region.  This will entail visiting local bait and tackle stores, restaurants, marinas, and any place deemed appropriate by the directors where the potential for increased participation may result. 

Tournament:  Directors must be aware that you are the first, middle, and last person the contestants will see. For this reason you must represent American Bass Anglers and your division in a friendly, courteous, and above all – professional manner – when conducting tournament business.  Directors and assistant directors should wear national sponsor supplied tournament shirts when available or an American Bass Anglers tournament shirt. Tournament rules will be strictly adhered to and enforced. Organization at each tournament will be uniform and standard from one tournament to another. 


An ABA division consists of a series of tournaments in which anglers do not have to travel more than 2 hours (one-way) to reach. The ABA philosophy is to offer bass fishermen low cost, close-to- home events they can drive to in the morning and back home afterwards plus a huge National Championship each year.


There are membership events, Divisional One-Day, Divisional Two-Day and National Championship tournaments explained as follows:

Membership Events: (formally opens)

These are primarily conducted by a new division, but can be effectively used by existing divisions.  The main purpose of a membership tournament is, as the name implies, to attract new fishermen to the ABA program.  The key difference between this and other ABA tournaments is; the director may issue each new (prospective angler) a 10 day provisional membership.  Directors are to insure new/prospective anglers understand, “If they want to continue to fish with ABA they must pay their membership to the Director or ABA headquarters within the 10 day period to insure their points from the membership event are counted.  All ABA standard rules, regulations and financial stipulations apply.  One membership event is allowed each year and should generally be held in the fall for warm climate regions and in the early spring for cold climate regions.  Membership events are used as regular one-day point tournaments. When submitting your report, all members are counted with provisional members specifically identified.

Regular One-Day Tournaments

Every division must conduct at least 5 one-day tournaments and will be a standard ABA point’s tourna­ment.  Current year points will start following the divisions two-day event and continue through the following year’s two-day event. 

Division Two-Day Tournaments

Every division must have one final two-day tournament scheduled as the last tournament of the year.  For anglers to fish the two-day event, they must have fished a minimum of four (4) one-day tournaments within their respective Division.

The web site will be updating with new information weekly.  Please direct all inquiries from anglers to the web site and the above email addresses.

What does ABA Provide?   First, ABA has a staff to assist both members and directors with their events. Everyone will always have someone you can reach out to for assistance as you need.  ABA provides a national platform for you and your anglers with a true weekend angler three day national championship. If you review past championships, you can see  ABA and its sponsors really provide the right prizes that no one else does. For example: at the championship there are three Triton/Mercury Bass Boats given away (the champion, The Angler of the Year and the highest finishing non-boater) and also amazing draw prizes from our sponsors. We publish our own magazine and are very active on the web. We publish all stories that come in from ABA events on our web site.

Director PDF Application  (This is a PDF document, save it to your computer, fill it out, save it and email it to info@americanbassanglers.com

The Process: Once we receive your application, process it we will contact you to help you form your division. You will be required to fill out an ABA Director's Agreement before we form the new division.

Thank you for your interest 
American Bass Anglers, Inc



Membership - $35 Annually
Entry Fees:
Divisional One-Day: $70 
Divisional Two-Day Championship: $140
National Championship: $170


Starting a Ram American Fishing Tour Division on Your Home Lake for 2018


2018 Season Fall/Winter Schedule

Alabama Northwest 12/23/2017 Wilson Lake
Alabama Central 12/30/2017 Martin
Northeast Tennessee 12/30/2017 Cherokee
Texas - Central 1/06/2018 Lake Waco
Florida - West 1/06/2018 Toho
Florida Harris Chain 1/06/2018 Harris Chain
South Carolina - Greenwood 1/07/2018 Clarks Hill
Florida - Seminole 1/07/2018 Seminole
South Carolina - Savannah River 1/13/2018 Savannah River
Louisiana - Toledo Bend South 1/13/2018 Toledo Bend
Mississippi Gulf Coast 1/13/2018 Back Bay
Georgia Central 1/13/2018 Oconee
Alabama - Mobile 1/13/2018 Tensaw
Alabama North 1/13/2018 Guntersville
Arkansas 1/13/2018 Hamilton
Alabama Northwest 1/13/2018 Wheeler Lake
Northeast Tennessee 1/13/2018 Norris
Florida - Istokpoga South 1/14/2018 Lake Istokpoga
Florida - St Johns North 1/14/2018 Santa Fe
Louisiana - Shreveport 1/17/2018 Cross
North Central Louisiana 1/20/2018 Claiborne
Texas - Houston 1/20/2018 Conroe
Georgia - Blackshear 1/20/2018 Blackshear
Arkansas North 1/20/2018 Greers Ferry
Texas - Sam Rayburn North 1/21/2018 Sam Rayburn
Florida - Toho 1/21/2018 Toho
Alabama Lay Lake - Logan Martin 1/27/2018 Lay Lake
Georgia Central 1/27/2018 Sinclair
Georgia North 1/27/2018 Allatoona
Alabama Central 1/27/2018 Martin
Georgia East 1/28/2018 Clarks Hill


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